Door Bushes BU55

Door Bushes BU55 spare part for:
  • Dual Fuel Open Top Ranges OD8006, OD8007
  • Gas Solid Top Range OG8005N/P
  • Electric Oven Ranges OE8008, OE8010, OE8016
  • Electrical Solid Top Range OE8015
  • Induction Range OE8017
  • Gas Oven Ranges OG7001N/P & OG7002N/P
  • Gas Solid Top Oven Range OG7005N/P
  • Gas Atmospheric Steamer OG7502N/P, OG7504N/P
  • Electric Oven Ranges OE7008, OE7010,OE7016
  • Electric Atmospheric Steamer OE7503, OE7505
  • Gas Oven Range LMR9N/P
  • Gas Oven Range LMO9N/P, LMD9N/P
  • Gas Oven Ranges SLR6N/P/B,SLR9N/P/B
  • Electric Oven Ranges ESLR9
  • Electric Convection Oven LCO

Door Bush - BU55 Used on : LCO
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Door Bush - BU55
Used on : LCO
Convection Ovens
Door Bush - BU55
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