Renegite Descaler 50g x 4

Descaler (per bottle) DP10


Descaler (per bottle) DP10 spare part for:

  • Cleaning

De-scaling is an important maintenance task and must be performed to maintain the warranty.

This range of units has a de-scaling routine built into the software. It guides the user through the process and advises when to open /close valves and when to add the de-scaler.

To decide if the boiler needs a de-scale, whilst wearing gloves carefully remove the blue cap (with the scale dipstick attached) on the top of the boiler.

Allow the water to dry on the dipstick. Where the dipstick has been in the water it will be covered in the same amount of scale as the rest of the tank. When it is about 0.5 to 1mm thick the tank should be de-scaled.

The de-scale routine takes about an hour to complete and the boiler cannot be used during the routine.

Lincat offer a purpose designed de-scaler powder, part number DP10 that should be used.

If there is a fault with the unit it will not be possible to de-scale the unit using the in- built programme. The unit will have to be manually chemically de-scaled. Do not mechanically de-scale with a scraper.

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Complete Tap (Blue) - SL27
Used on : EB3 EB4 EB6 (Post March 2000)
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