Filter Cartridge - FC04 Used on : EB3FX EB4FX EB6FX EB6FTX EB3FX/PB EB3FX/TT

Filter Cartridge FC04


Filter Cartridge FC04 spare part for:

  • Automatic Water Boilers EB3FX, EB3FX/PB, EB3FX/TT, EB4FX, EB6FX, EB6TFX

The FC04 Filter Cartridge is compatible with Lincat's new range of FilterFlow FX water boilers with the following model numbers: EB3FX EB4FX EB6FX EB6TFX EB3FX/PB EB3FX/TT This filter cartridge is not compatible with the older Lincat FilterFlow water boilers. (If you have the older units please order the FC02)

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